On the Prowl by kirstenromainee on Flickr.
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Untitled on Flickr.
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Red Bird on Flickr.
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My good friend Michelle took this. 
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About a year to a year and a half ago Mac Miller was nothing but a white boy in Pittsburgh PA.

No one knew who he was. That’s about the same time Wiz was becoming popular but Mac was still a nobody. I don’t like him and I doubt I ever will. I just find it funny that so many people know about him and think they love him. He sucks sorry. 


(by cellophanesoul)

(by nives b.)

I don’t use my tumblr at all anymore. I’m not sure why it’s like I have no reason for it. I think the main reason is because too many people have one now and it’s not as special to me like it used to be. Or it’s because all the kids from my school follow me and I can’t rant about them anymore.. Oh well I guess.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia (by Kashklick)

absolutely beautiful. 
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搶灘! Go (by nacoki)

Gullfoss by Jos Mecklenfeld on Flickr.
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